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The Future Is Now: Meeting the Need for Improved Electrode Technology

For a long time, the healthcare industry lacked a commercially available thin film electrode technology for use with brain-related disorders, including epilepsy, essential tremors, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, and other neurological conditions.

But now the wait is about to end. Evo™ Cortical Electrodes (“Evo”), the first FDA-cleared thin film flexible electrodes, are intended for temporary (less than 30 days) recording, monitoring, and stimulation of electrical signals on the surface of the brain. Our Evo is designed to be less invasive, to improve the surgical experience and to enhance mapping capabilities to help people suffering from neurological disorders.

In pre-clinical studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic, Evo has demonstrated a reduction in the brain’s immunological response which should decrease patient discomfort and should reduce signal artifacts associated with the brain electrode interface.

Why NeuroOne is Different

Most of our competitors are generally focused on software and hardware rather than electrode innovation. Furthermore, current commercially approved electrode technologies from our competitors are limited in resolution, making it more challenging to assess problematic tissue; are unable to be placed minimally invasively; require multiple surgeries; utilize aging technology; rely on manual labor; and are associated with high manufacturing costs and frequent backorders. They also lack scalability for high density arrays.

The Future: Less Invasive Surgery

The novel properties of Evo’s grid electrode’s enable minimally invasive placement of multiple grids through a single key-hole craniotomy. We believe that combining our Evo Cortical Electrodes with sEEG electrodes in an epilepsy surgery may allow both surface and depth recordings to better localize the seizure focus.

In addition to its potential for less invasive placement, the Evo Cortical Electrode technology may allow for mass production of high-density microelectrode arrays that may be customized per physician request. Additionally, the ability of microelectrodes to provide high spatial resolution may enable powerful computing techniques, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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