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NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corporation Raises Awareness About Neurological Pain

Join us in recognizing Pain Awareness Month this September.

NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corporation is pleased to recognize September as Pain Awareness Month to help bring greater awareness to neurological conditions that cause pain. Our goal is to share knowledge that will enlighten public understanding of what it means to live with and be treated for these conditions. Nearly 100 million Americans experience chronic pain—more than those who have diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. Pain is a warning sign that indicates a problem that needs attention. It often begins in receptor nerve cells located beneath the skin and in organs throughout the body.

Because living with pain can negatively impact quality of life, it’s important to understand more about the underlying causes of pain to help improve treatments and alleviate suffering.

Chronic Pain and Neurological Disease Chronic pain is a frequent component of many neurological disorders, affecting 20–40% of patients for many primary neurological diseases.

To meet the high unmet need for chronic pain treatment, more research is needed into the underlying mechanisms of pain diseases, as well as technological advances and investigation into mechanism-based treatment approaches.

It’s also important for more people to recognize pain as a brain disease and increase the involvement of neurologists in the treatment of and research into chronic pain.

Decreasing Patient Discomfort

NeuroOne’s next-generation electrode technology, which has the potential to change the landscape of neurosurgical application, is based on thin-film, high-definition electrodes designed to record brain activity, ablate targeted problematic brain tissue and even stimulate parts of the nervous system for therapeutic purposes.

Evo Cortical Electrodes are thin film flexible strip and grid electrodes intended for temporary (less than 30 days) recording, monitoring and stimulation of brain tissue. This technology targets motor neuron-related diseases, such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease and chronic pain.

In pre-clinical studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic, Evo Cortical Electrodes have demonstrated a reduction in the brain’s immunological response which should decrease patient discomfort and reduce signal artifacts associated with the brain electrode interface.

To learn more about NeuroOne and the Evo Cortical Electrode, contact us.