Executing Our Plan For Growth

NeuroOne is a medical technology company focused on revolutionizing the standard of care for patients suffering from conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, essential tremors, and other related brain disorders. We believe our thin film electrodes will be able to be placed with minimally invasive procedures and improve the outcomes for patients with neurological disorders. Additionally, we believe that the higher resolution provided by our electrodes can enable the usage of powerful computing techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

2017 was a transformational year for us. We completed a reverse merger, up-listed to the OTCQB and raised over $1.8 million in private transactions. Strategically, we established a physician advisory board, completed an early feasibility study for our depth electrode and combination diagnostic/ablation depth electrode1, and filed two provisional patents with the USPTO.

In 2018, we recruited thought leaders and highly renowned AI neurosurgeons to establish our Artificial Intelligence Advisory board. We also established our headquarters, conducted multiple rounds of pre-clinical testing on our ablation electrode2 and a pre-clinical feasibility study for minimally invasive placement of our cortical electrodes at Mayo Clinic3.

For 2019, we expect to debut our cortical electrodes, pending FDA 510(k) clearance. We submitted a 510(k) filing to the FDA for our cortical electrode product line and plan to submit our depth electrode product line later this year. Upon clearance, we intend to launch our electrode products to targeted industry leading, medical centers. We also plan on exploring additional product applications with insight from our AI advisory board.

NeuroOne Partners 

Mayo Clinic

NeuroOne entered into a license and development agreement with Mayo Clinic. NeuroOne licensed worldwide certain know how for the development and commercialization of products, methods and processes related to flexible circuit thin film technology for the recording of tissue and the products developed therefrom.

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

NeuroOne entered into an Exclusive Start-Up Company License Agreement with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). WARF granted NeuroOne an exclusive license to make, use and sell, in the U.S. products that employ certain licensed patents for a neural probe array or thin-film micro electrode array and method.


Meet the Leadership Team

We built NeuroOne for the long haul, focused on both our impact on healthcare and growth. This has influenced every decision we’ve made from our management team, to our financing and development process. Our culture values the highest quality work, methodical research, and lasting collaboration with opinion leading experts in our field. We built an experienced management team, world-class board of directors, and assembled impressive scientific and artificial intelligence advisory boards. Read about them below.

Management Team

Dave Rosa
President and CEO
Mark Christianson
VP, Market Development
Steve Mertens
Chief Technology Officer
Leah Noaeill
Sr. Director, Marketing

Board of Directors

Paul Buckman
Ed Andrle
Dave Rosa
President and CEO

Scientific Advisory Board

Joseph Madsen MD.
Board Member
Vanessa Tolosa
Board Member

AI Advisory Board

Cristin Welle PhD.
Board Member
Parag Patil PhD.
Board Member
Ayman M. Salem MD.
Board Member